10 Minutes Of Funny Dogs

Check out the German Shepherd at 1:15, I´m just glad that wasn’t a shark!

This Shepherd, like most, obviously loves to swim. Swimming a great exercise for your dog, especially after an injury or for older dogs as a low-impact alternative.

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  1. I can help. I have worked with dogs all my life and run many Kennels. This is a cmmoon problem with Shepherds and you are certainly not alone. Weight is most eaily added by feeding smaller quanties in more fequent meals. By this I mean. Feed 3 smaller meals and this will help the digestion. It will not simply pass through but be used and stored correctly. Fresh Chicken given raw or cooked aprox 400g am 100 lunch and 400g pm with a mashed veggies and a scoopful of soaked bran is Ideal. This is however a little time consuming. I would avoid tinned meats and go for fresh ones as they contain far more goodness you can buy them in most pet stores from a freezer and simply defrost and serve. Nuti Diet is supplied in a foil type wrapper and is a mix of all these things so a better choice than tinned it you fancy this more.Wainwrights is a great company for special dry food made with natural ingredience and far better than you shop bough food. Worth a look. Whatever you choose The answer to your question is to feed 3 meals a day. Add Soaked bran or Cooked rice to increase the amount without adding too much protien (Can make them loose) Wheatabix is okay instead of bran too. No milk though. Meat amount should be around 900g daily with handfuls of mashed veggies and rice/ Pasta or bran.Hope this answers your question If you need any further advice add to your question and I will edit mine. Good luck. Was this answer helpful?

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