10 Ways your GSD Express Love



Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years, their history and ours are closely linked. And like no other animal on earth, dogs have a very particular relationship with us. This friendship and mutual love has caused dogs and humans to understand each other. So this affection or love of dogs to us can be easily recognized by the 10 most common ways that dogs have to expose their love.


We can often see dogs moving their tails and we can easily indicate that it is a sign of happiness, but that is only part of the truth. A dog’s tail communicates many different emotions, such as happiness, fear, tension or even an impending attack. In general, if your dog’s tail is loose and more relaxed, it indicates that your dog is relaxed and calm. When your dog is happy, he wags his tail even with his whole ass, while if he has the tail between his legs indicates that your dog is ashamed or afraid.


If your dog follows you everywhere, looking like your shadow, you should not worry since it is only his social nature. Humans are also social beings, but unlike dogs we need a little space and be alone. But in dogs the same thing does not happen, they do not seek solitude but on the contrary they show their devotion and love wanting to be with their loved one all the time (his human).


Dogs lick people’s faces for several reasons, but in many cases it is a sign of love and affection. Puppies usually lick when they are in front of an adult dog. This behavior comes rooted from when they were wild dogs, where the puppies licked the mother as a sign of hunger.

A dog may also lick in a submissive way, to make it known that it is not a threat. And of course, if your dog licks you a lot that means that he loves you very much.


The jump is generally considered unwelcome behavior of dogs, and most people try to eliminate this habit through workouts. This can be difficult, because in part we recognize it as a sign of love. It is common for many people to prefer a dog that waits for them at the door and then to jump and receive their welcome, however it is necessary to be very careful with the intensity and strength of the dog, so it is advisable to educate the dog to be a little more delicate with his love heels.


If there is something more characteristic of a dog is that you can count on him at any time (good and bad). Everyone knows that dogs are one of the most loyal creatures on the planet. Loyalty is also rooted from the time they were savage, this is clearly seen in certain species of wolves which have only one partner in their life.
Therefore the dog has strong instincts to belong to a family unit and to be loyal until death.



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4 thoughts on “10 Ways your GSD Express Love

  1. Both of my GSD’S tried to tell me that my asthma attack was going to be a really bad one but I didn’t listen until it was almost too late.

  2. Omg follows me everywhere, constantly lays on my lap thinks they r lap dogs lol, sleeps with me, licks me, when I come home from work they r soooo excited they jump on me and hug me I have a white GSD and a sable GSD

  3. My Bailey is stuck at my side. In the bathroom, washing dishes she always has to touch me. It is so cute and makes me feel wanted. When we are gone for awhile it’s like she thinks we were not coming home she is nuts hugging n licking us. Love my gsd.

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