Afflictions in the skin of our German Shepherd



It is common in dogs that any skin condition ends in infection, for various reasons.

That is why it is very important to check the skin of our German Shepherd is very necessary.

The name given to skin infection caused by bacteria is pyoderma.

The pyodermas are classified according to their depth as:

  • Surface pyoderma: involve the corneal stratum with erosions.
  • Superficial pyoderma:in addition to involving corneal stratum, sub corneal stratum and superficial infundibular hair follicle.
  • Deep pyoderma: in addition tothe above, it involves the depth of the hair follicle (folliculitis) and breaks it (forunculosis). The infection can be extended to the dermis (cellulitis) or adipose tissue (panniculitis).

The classification and the severity of the case will be according to the layer of the skin that it reaches.
The skin is formed by:

  • corneal stratum
  • epidermis
  • dermis (cells and fibers)
  • hypodermis (adipocytes).

A German Shepherd healthy, well – fed and care has natural defenses against these type of skin conditions. These natural defenses are of the physical, chemical and bacterial type:


  • hairy cloak
  • corneal stratum

Chemicals of the surface of the skin:

  • linoleic acid (which is bactericidal)
  • soluble substances (non-organic salts and proteins)
  • immunity elements (complement, transferrin, Igs G, M, E, A, Interferons)
  • banal bacteria: live on the surface of the skin in symbiosis, and exchange growth factors.The number of bacteria is influenced by skin pH, salinity, humidity, fatty acids, proteins, etc.



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