Aging in Dogs



Like any living organism our German Shepherd ages.

The theories about this aging process are numerous, physicians and physiologists do not agree but it is true that the dog ages and this happens from the moment he is born, just like any animal.

In dogs we can observe 4 vital periods:

  1. Puppy
  2. Adulthood or youth
  3. Adulthood 2 or maturity
  4. Senior

The maturity period is the state on which the dog develops its full potential and is prior to senior.


Large dogs such as our beloved German Shepherds can be entering senior stage from their 6 th year of life, and this is where the risk of death doubles with each passing year due to the progressive deterioration of physiological potential.

  • Decreases their immunity to infections.
  • Get more affected by stress.
  • Start gaining weight and it gets more difficult to loss it.
  • Begin a process of demineralization of the body.
  • They are more affected by the coldand fail to combat heat as before.
  • Their renal function is affected.
  • Start to appear some gray hair and the skin becomes
  • Progressive tendency to cardiac or hepatic conditions.
  • Tumors can appear.



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