Behavioral disorders in old dogs



According to experts there are 3 main problems afflicting the old German Shepherds, and as veterinary science has advanced greatly in their knowledge, veterinary geriatricians are emerging to help us combat the infirmities of old age …

  • Hyper aggressiveness in old dogs: in this case the dog begins to bite and becomes very aggressive, can even attack children and puppies, the best treatment is with medication.
  • Involution depression: in this case the dog loses all social acquisitions, does not obey, does not control its sphincters, eats everything even if it is not food, treatment is exclusively with drugs, not always effective.
  • Old dog dysthymia : in this case the dog loses the ability to assess his own size  and that of the places he pass through and can get stuck for hours, drug treatment is the only remedy.

The old German Shepherd Dog often become bulimic, this behavior is usually progressive and in principle, if behavioral differences over food are observed you should not be alarmed.

Behavior in front of food can change, dog’s time to eat could become the most important of the day in his old age.

This new taste for food is common in older dogs and that is why you have to change his diet (among other reasons) because he should eat less (to avoid getting overweight) but it’s good (for his emotional tranquility) to present him a bigger dish (more volume) to make him you feel satisfied and loved … How to solve this riddle? very easily, fibers (vegetables, bran, wheat germ, oat bran, seeds) will be added to increase the volume decreasing fat, bread, white grains, corn and other fattening foods.

Bulimia on the other side need drug treatment instead because it is accompanied by aggressiveness, anxiety and other adverse symptoms for the whole family.

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