German Shepherd Behaviour and its Food Link



One of the most positive ways a human being has to relate properly to his German Shepherd is through food. The food link is the most appropriate way a man can have to generate a good relationship with his dog. In addition, this link is truly easy to achieve because it is based on the most basic need of our pet. Feeding is essential for the dog as it is strongly related to their survival instinct that they already have at birth and from the first days of life.

It is important to emphasize that food refers to all types of food that our pet receives, whether water or balanced food. The hydration of our Shepherd is fundamental for its balanced growth.

Thanks to the alimentary link we can correctly establish the hierarchy with our pet. It should be noted that dogs, and especially the German Shepherd, are animals that naturally tend to be hierarchical and seek to occupy their place or “mark territory”. But it is possible to establish this hierarchy positively in our favor by means of the alimentary bond that we generate with them.



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