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The feeding of our German Shepherd is not very different from the rest of dogs. Knowing this we will have to elaborate a specific schedule of meals. In this regard, and for a long time, has been given a single intake of food a day in adult dogs and two in puppies. My advice is to give two meals a day, always at the same time, so that our dog has a fixed schedule and does not have to wait 24 hours for his next intake.

Many people are overshadowed trying to create menus for their dogs, homemade food for your dog from time to time is a good idea as they will have some variation in the menu, however there are many professional companies elaborating very good dog food that provide all the nutrients they need, we do have some recommendations at the end of this article that you could get directly from Amazon. The only thing to keep in mind in this regard is to talk to a veterinarian to tell us what of these brands is more appropriate for our furry friend.

Regarding the amount to give get the advice from your veterinarian or if you bought your German Shepherd from a breeder talk to him. These people are very familiar with the quantities that are most suitable for each age. Remember that a good diet will make your dog live longer, better and healthier.

Things to keep in mind for a good diet

  1. Maintain a fixed schedule of meals.
  2. Never give him more food than necessary. It is better to be left with a little hunger than to over feed him and end with an overweight dog
  3. If you put the food and he does not eat, he may have some type of problem or he make just being playing. In the latter case if he spends 10 minutes without touching the plate, remove the food so that you he gets used not to play with it.
  4. If you want him well fed, never give him food out of schedule, try to avoid giving him the food you are eating. This will cause that every time that you eat he will think that you’re going to feed him. Of course you can give him treats from time to time and use them also for training.
  5. Put  always  fresh water next to his food.



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