German Shepherd Puppy Playing With Rescued Kitten


In the video you are about to watch, the German Shepherd is a six month old puppy and is very closely supervised while he is playing with the kitten. He is a very big dog. The kitten is just over 3 months old, and is a very little but brave, playful and curious kitten. This kitten was rescued from a gas station along a busy highway after he was abandoned.

Watching this German Shepherd puppy playing with this kitten is amazing because they really love to play with each other. We firmly believe that this dog will protect this kitten as part of his own pack. However, the dog is very big and can be a clumsy puppy and even though this German Shepherd would not intentionally harm the kitten, he can get a little rambunctious and could harm the kitten by accident, which is why the GSD is closely supervised all the time.

We also believe that the dog needs the experience and training of how he should behave while he is with the kitten. Each time the German Shepherd is with the kitten, his behavior is improved and he is even more gentle and calm with the kitten. The dog is never allowed to become rough with the kitten.



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