German Shepherds: It’s All in the Coat

German Shepherds Coat

The German shepherd dog has always been widely known as one of the world’s most beautiful and unique looking dogs. In the words of Max von Stephanitz, a.k.a. The Father of the German Shepherds, “No good dog can be a bad color.”

And it’s true!

German Shepherds are beautiful regardless of their shade, and they have many. There’s all black, all white, silver, red, cream ‒ the possibilities are endless through cross breeding of coats. Qualities like color and length of fur can be determined by these puppies’ genes.

Genes are either dominant, co-dominant or recessive. Dominant genes take over recessive genes if both dominant genes present, and certain colors are more common in German Shepherds because of the dominance of a particular color.

This is also true of the Shepherd’s length of coat. It can either be short or long. A factor like the dog’s location plays apart in coat length. German Shepherds that live in colder locations do better with longer coats, and ones that live where its warmer, benefit from having shorter hairs.


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One thought on “German Shepherds: It’s All in the Coat

  1. Puppy weight:Hey all, this is my first time psitong, and I’d like to hear some feedback!I have a WGSL male that is 7.5 months old. He is a long coat, so I’ve been having some trouble distinguishing his physique and evaluating his frame. He appears to be big boned to me when I see him next to other dogs. I try to keep him on the lean side (maybe a touch too lean) and just wanted to get some feedback regarding puppy size at this age.He is approx: 24.75 inches at the shoulder and 63 lbs. He recently went through a growth spurt, and appears to be leveling off at this point. Can anyone comment on adult size with prior experience? His sire was 92 lbs 65cm at the withers in shape, and Dam was 75-80 lbs.Thanks!!

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