How to walk our German shepherd safely



In this article I will focus on two different ways of taking our pet safely. The truth is that when we take our German shepherd to walk, we know how important it is to take him to a safe place free of any kind of danger that could harm him (cars, buses, motorbikes, etc.). The problem lies in moving from our home to the area suitable for his walk. In this aspect we have two clear options, that is, we can either take them on foot or transfer them in our vehicle. This option is the least used since what interests us is to take him close to home. Once we are clear that we are going to move him on foot we have three options for his transfer the first is with a leash, the second with a harness and last and the least advisable is to leave him free.

Leaving aside the last option we must distinguish which of the two options (belt or harness) is safer or less harmful to our German shepherd. The solution is easy, the best is a good harness, as this gets all the tension we exert focus on the strap that carries the harness while the leash focuses this tension in the neck getting a feeling of drowning to our dog.


Of course we must consider that the harness is right for the size of our German shepherd a bad choice would do everything contrary to its primary mission. For this we must measure the circumference of our dog. This is measured behind their front legs and about five centimeters from them. This measurement is fundamental to get the best harness for our pet.



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