Socialization of the German Shepherd



When the dog is taken to an adoptive family, he has the ability to move its “herd” behavior to people, who are now their new surroundings. Because of this great capacity, shepherds can easily adapt to coexistence and become domesticated companions.

Many times, it depends on the intrinsic characteristics of the dog’s ability to adapt. Generally, this is linked to the breed of the animal and occasionally to each particular dog. However, their ability to adapt has a limit. This is where the owner or his family should participate to facilitate this process of adaptation and achieve a regular routine that will lead to a healthy and happy life.

The character of a dog is fundamental when it comes to relating and this point should not be omitted. Knowing how their first days were, their genetics and their breeding is useful when it comes to educating them. The dog can be docile and quiet, while others are more dominant. The latter must learn that their master will be the one to command him and not the other way around. It is not necessary to apply punishments, only with patience, firmness and constancy you will obtain good results.

Other important factors when it comes to relating to our pet are their behavior and their ability to communicate. It is necessary to know that dogs act instinctively, while their ability to communicate will depend on what they can understand. Dogs can generally understand short and loud words, as well as gestures, as long as they are clear and frequent.

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