The Best Police Officers‒ German Shepherds

Police Officer

While you can’t expect the great German Shepherd dogs to start reciting crooks their rights anytime soon, these dogs are great aids to police officers. German Shepherds are amazing candidates to be police dogs because of the ease at which they can be trained, their drive to work hard, their need to remain loyal, and their world-renown patience.

Sometime called the K9 Unit (get it?), the police force uses German Shepherds to find missing people and items.

One source says, it’s their

“sense of smell [that] makes them excellent as substance dogs used to detect illegal substances. They can determine if these substances are on a person. The German shepherd dog is also used to help in more grisly tasks, including being trained to detect the odor of decomposing bodies.”

Source: TerrificPets

Photo: Neil

When people see German Shepherds, badge or not, they are recognized as the poster dog for the police department. This is because they respond well to training and look fierce enough to catch any criminal.  This is a necessity when attempting to keep your neighborhoods safe.


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  1. Some people do, which is an okay idea in teohry, but what if the bad guy purposely holds that hand high to strike the dog or to keep it away from the dog then the dog stands there trying to get an arm out of reach instead of biting the guy in the inner thigh, which will cause enough pain that the badguy will probably drop what he has anyway.

  2. German Shepherds Represent America & Police Offficers (Fierce protection)
    Always &Forever!
    Don’t mess with Perfection combo!
    I just wish That I could work with them!

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