The “puberty” of the German Shepherd



The time has come when the Shepherd finishes his growth and defines some physical aspects such as his teeth. However, physical changes will not be the only modifications our pet will manifest at a certain age. Some attitudes such as his willingness to play and his need to know and explore begin to increase and he may begin to show fear in unfamiliar situations. When these changes appear it is because our puppy is beginning to enter adolescence.

Those who are older remember adolescence as a stage of great changes in all aspects. From sudden physical changes, to confused feelings and an important hormonal disorder. It is an age in which someone must help find the right path and the limits are fundamental to be able to cross this period in the best way. So almost all mammals have to endure these changes because of their biology, and dogs are also in this group.

One of the characteristics that we will notice in our adolescent dog is his need to hunt. This natural instinct of the German Shepherd will intensify at this stage and to help him we can buy a biter wrapped in a cloth that does not break easily and he can tighten with his teeth strongly.

As for his social behavior, he must learn freely to play with other dogs. Rides are always important for this issue at any age of the dog. Our shepherd must know the world, be able to relate without fighting with his peers, sniffing, mobilizing. All these activities in the company of his master are truly beneficial for any dog.

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